My Story

Deb FieldHi! My name is Deb Field. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a friend to many. I have a coaching business called “Creative Coaching” and a health blog called “I Love Nude Food.”

I luxuriate in real connection, creative expression and exploration, organic truth, ancient wisdom… and working with and eating delicious foods from nature's table.

These days I live a pretty healthy life style. I haven’t always. It’s been a journey. Every life brings challenge. Life isn’t always rosy but facing those challenges with a healthy body makes a big difference.

I’m not really into things that harm my body, my mind or my heart. I love helping people come to their own awareness - and shift a little on their journey. Hopefully we can hang out together.

What I believe

Self-awareness is the key and this is why I created the “14 Day Juice Fast Adventure.” It brings insights - bucket loads… some even relate to food.

Doing a juice fast for a set amount of time is the quickest way to re-align you to your dreams. The insights you gain with me as your coach will take you to the next level of your journey… and beyond. There are no set results, only your results. There are no comparisons to anyone else - you are an individual.

Having only 10 people in the group allows me to spend time with you all the way.

Cards up my sleeve

Jerry and DebI have a vast field of wisdom from years of study with world class teachers/gurus, self-learning, research, testing, trialling, questioning and uncovering the obvious. This includes skills, experience and knowledge from these areas:

  • Life Coaching
  • Nutrition – Real, whole food from natures table
  • Personal Trainer (fitness)
  • Business Management / Coaching (corporate, small, various)
  • Emotional therapy (Brandon Bay’s ”The Journey”)
  • Fasting (self and coaching others)
  • Intuition (developing it and living from it)
  • Enneagram (a powerful and ancient personality system)
  • Multi-structural patterning (personal patterns)
  • Creative process (real alchemy) • Motherhood (natural / conscious / home birth)
  • Separation/divorce (the world’s most beautiful outcome)
  • Songwriter
  • Author
  • Project Manager
  • Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Process magician
  • Athlete, representing Australia in international competition

Wow, I have been busy…LOL. In essence, I have a lot of things to draw from to support you. No matter what you experience, I will be able to provide insights and guidance or draw on experts where needed.

My Background – why I am such a health head.

Here’s the dirt. Back in the old days I used to abuse my body with bad food, alcohol, cigarettes and had no knowledge about health. Here's what happened to change my choices in life...

My girlIn 1996 I ended up in the fetal position on the floor of a supermarket with severe pain in my abdomen. My (then) husband grabbed me and took me to the hospital. They injected pain killers right away... and after some tests the doctor discovered gallstones.

WHAT??!! How did this happen?!! My doctor told me to have my gallbladder removed as it was a normal procedure and I didn't really need it anyway. I did as advised, assuming a doctor would know better than me about my body. It didn't occur to me to question this decision. Or to wonder why I had a body part I didn't really need. So I had it removed.

A few years later I found myself with irritable bowel syndrome and, after a terrible time with it, I connected with a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who resolved it in 3 days. AMAZING! Then she told me that I hadn't needed to get my gallbladder removed, that the stones could've easily been fixed. This intrigued me.

How could they have been "fixed"? And why didn't my doctor know about this? So started my journey of discovery. I decided to take my health into my own hands and learn about how this body really works. Since then I have been able to resolve my own health issues as well as support other people on their holistic health journey (including leukaemia, breast cancer, and skin cancer patients who abandoned their medical solutions and found themselves absent symptoms – healed by their own bodies).

Me and my girlI fast 3 to 4 times a year for 14 days. I eat mostly real food from natures table and enjoy a good sense of well-being.

In closing

The amazing, powerful and simple magic of real food astounds me. I am absolutely certain that any human condition of dis-ease can be resolved using the ancient wisdom from natures table.

Sadly, because of legal constraints and litigation to protect the “drug & cut” medical industry, I must say this: I am not a doctor and I am not able to give any advice. It is your responsibility to make your own choices AND speak with your health practitioners before making any changes on your health journey and before you go eat fresh fruit and vegetables from nature... (lol).

I will share my experiences and opinions....and I do support you to ask powerful questions and make discerning choices based on what feels true to you.

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