I enjoyed almost instantaneousweight loss - 9kg in 14 days!
Deb is the kind of coach you need in your corner!

Les Radnai
“Deb loves telling people that a juice fast is never just about the fast. How right she is!

Drinking juice morning noon and night for 14 days - however tasty the juice is - is a journey through a minefield of emotions, physical symptoms and sabotaging self-talk.

But Deb's extensive experience and calm guidance has helped me, each time I have fasted, to keep my eye on the end result.

I enjoyed almost instantaneous weight loss (9kg in 14 days) and a feeling of well-being and lightness. My juice fasts have also had the added benefits of making me more aware and alert to the effects of various "foods" on my body and general feeling of wellbeing.

Strangely, the fasts have even affected my taste and hankering for certain foods that I now know don't serve me!

Juice fasting and Deb's knowledge and guidance? I highly recommend both!”
"Deb has regularly and generously coached me through many periods of fasting and supported me in trying to break old patterns with food.

Her knowledge and wisdom has guided me and assisted in dispelling old beliefs instilled since childhood.

She is insightful, authentic, empathic and tirelessly supportive. Deb has a generous heart, an adventurous spirit and a belief in herself and everyone she comes in contact with.

Also after knowing my friend for 7 years and seeing him go thru many personal development courses and counsellors I witnessed Deb as the one that brought about huge shifts and changed him and his life when all else just frustrated him and left him stuck.

She is the kind of coach you need in your corner."

Tracy Souter


“Deb runs an amazing online community for Cabala juice fasters which a friend introduced me to almost 2 years ago. What a transformation I have made since then, not only in my physical appearance and in the weight that I lost (almost 20 kgs), that I have kept off due to seasonal fasting, (I have done 7 now), but in my whole being.

I am 2 years older, but feel and look 10 years younger. I have so much energy and joie de vivre, my sense of taste, focus and concentration are heightened and I am more alert. I am healthier and happier, which radiates from my core.

I have so much appreciation for Deb and the others in the group, because I never felt that I was alone while fasting. The online community was there to support me every day, I could post questions, and really say how it was for me, without judgment.

It felt safe to really open up and be honest about emotions and challenges that came up. There was nothing but encouragement and I enjoyed receiving advice and wisdom, as well as supporting others myself.

Many have been astounded by the change in me and said "I want what she's having". I am happy to recommend Deb to anyone who is looking for a life coach.”
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